Card Cascade Wallet


Card Cascade Wallet, or Drop Down Wallet This is one of the most commercial items l have put in my act for years, you approach a table and say to an assistant, Now I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do before I do it, Magicians never do that, That’s why I’m a Comedian, You're going to chose a card, and that card will appear in this wallet, After a card has been selected, with comedy patter, the wallet is opened, it’s the wrong card, the cards then Cascade out of the wallet showing a strip of 10. Cards, but still their card is not found, you look on the opposite side still their card is nowhere in sight but just a minuet one card has its back showing, spectator takes out the card. IT IS THEIR CARD. Reset in 5, seconds. It’s that good I will sell this item on money back guarantee Post Free

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