X Ray Box. by Eddie Gibson.


This is one of Eddies best effects, A small box with a dial on the top is displayed this the performer explains is a portable X-Ray Machine, The top is removed and a small radioactive disc is removed from the box,Next a clear plastic disk is placed in the box and the lid is replaced, Then the performer has a card selected this is placed face down on the assistants hand and the box is placed on top of the card, Three comedy questions are then asked, What size shoes do you take etc, whatever the answer move the dial to that number, The lid of the box is removed and it is seen that an X-Ray has bee taken of the spectators hand holding a card, The box is removed the card is displayed it matches the X-Ray,
This is a precision made item made by the late Eddie Gibson, Very easy to perform the box does all the work for you, Extra stickers, plus 3.X-Rays and blanks,Limited Stock

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