Flash-Pot Coin. by Eddie Gibson. SOLD OUT


Flash-Pot Coin is a subtle, cunning effect, utilising precision machined coins, Magnets and some misdirection.
A coin is shown and stickers are positioned on each side The stickers are initialled by both spectator and performer in order to identify the coin,
The coin is then coverd with a playing card and the spectator is requested to place his finger on the card, trapping the coin beneath.
The card can be lifted at any time to show that the marked coin is beneath it.
Next a small brass disc is introduced ( mini Flash Pot ) and is positioned centrally on the card, or on the palm of the spectators free hand held a few inches above the card.
The brass disc has a recess into which a small peice of flash paper has been placed. The flash paper is ignited the playing card is lifted and the coin has vanished.
The spectator is asked to turn over the disc and sees in a second recess that the marked coin is locked into the disc and held secure by a small screw. The screw is released and the spectator verifies his initials.
Terrific Close-Up Magic.

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