The Emperor Coin by Eddie Gibson


Long Long ago all Chinese Coins were minted with a hole so they could be carried on a string or ribbon around the neck or waist, One year the Emperor decided that all the coins should be minted without a hole
This created uproar among the population, now the Emperor being a wise man quickly order the mint to again mint all coins with a hole, and that's the way they have stayed until the present day.
An oriental coin is shown in a slim plastic wallet, together with a single playing card.
The performer calls attention to the hole in the Oriental coin. The performer then tell the story of an ancient Chinese Emperor. The coin and card are removed from the wallet. The coin is rubbed between the finger and thumb and the hole disappears. The coin is then placed on the middle finger tapped with the card and the hole returns. Very easy to perform the precision made coins do all the work for you

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