Ventriloquist Dummy No.3.

This is Ventriloquist Dummy No.3. Made in paper-mache. Stands 28ins from head to toe. With moving eyes and mouth

Kangaroo Coins by Eddie Gibson.

Jonny Wong’s Half Dollar size S2C.

Flash Sharpie Pen.

You remove a normal looking Sharpie Pen from you pocket to use as a wand, wave it over your hand and you get a great Flash, Compleat with charger, so no battery’s, stays charged for weeks, [...]

5 sustainable packaging trends to watch

Plastics continue to fall out of favour with consumers, so what substitutes should you consider? Here are five sustainable packaging trends we think you should keep an eye on.

5 Eco Myths

Here are 5 eco myths to look out for and know the truth about. Written by Chris Goodall, the author of How to Live a Low Carbon Life (Earthscan).

Environmentally Friendly Initiatives

The development of innovative packaging designs is being driven by increasingly demanding environmental and sustainable requirements.